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Nucleai, Propath UK Collaborate on AI-Powered Spatial Analysis of a 30-Plex Immunofluorescence Immuno-Oncology Panel
23 September 2022 - - European CRO for spatial biology Propath UK and Israel-based AI-powered spatial biology transforming precision medicine specialist Nucleai have forged collaboration to develop and validate a 30-plex immunofluorescence panel focused on protein targets relevant to immuno-oncology, the companies said.

For our pharmaceutical and biotechnology partners, this groundbreaking panel, in conjunction with Nucleai's validated AI assay, can be used to unlock insights from immunotherapy trials and inform the development of novel biomarkers and companion diagnostics.

Applying its expertise in multiomic spatial biology and high-plex immunofluorescence, Propath will develop a novel protocol using the innovative Lunaphore COMET platform for analysis of 30 high-value protein targets from a single tissue section.

The COMET enables rapid development of highly multiplexed panels, with robust and reproducible staining.

Propath UK will use experience gained across a range of spatial proteomic and transcriptomic projects completed on its in-house multiomic platforms.

Nucleai's collaboration with Propath comes on the heels of the recent news announcement that it made with Lunaphore, announcing their partnership to provide AI-powered spatial biology analysis to accelerate drug discovery.

This three-way synergy between Propath, Lunaphore and Nucleai brings new capabilities to pharma companies.

The partnership utilizes Lunaphore's flagship COMET platform for hyperplex staining and imaging with Nucleai's cutting-edge AI spatial models to derive new insights from tissue biopsies, including novel drug targets, mechanisms of action, and biomarkers to advance the field of precision medicine.

Demonstrating the utility of the technology, Propath provides high-plex tissue analytics using the Lunaphore COMET as a fully managed service.

Nucleai's proprietary AI-powered, pathology-based biomarker discovery platform combined with Propath's multiomic spatial biology and high-plex immunofluorescence will accelerate the pharmaceutical industry's drug development and research programs.

A fundamental aspect of precision oncology is predicting drug response for a patient cohort.

The combined expertise will allow computational analysis of the tumor microenvironment, feature selections to predict disease prognosis and drug response including cancer sub-type determination, to stratify patients and support early detection and prognosis.

Propath UK is a specialist CRO providing research services in molecular pathology, spatial biology and histopathology for the global biopharmaceutical sector.

The company offers a range of technologies for spatial proteomic and transcriptomic tissue analysis, including the NanoString GeoMx and CosMx, the Lunaphore COMET and the Akoya PhenoCycler-Fusion.

Propath's reputation has been gained across 35 years by providing a consistent and responsive service across thousands of pre-clinical and clinical studies.

Nucleai is an AI-powered spatial biology company with a mission to transform drug development and clinical treatment decisions by unlocking and analyzing the valuable information in the pathology data.

Nucleai provides pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, and diagnostics laboratories with a AI platform to improve clinical trials and clinical decision-making.