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Atomwise Signs Multi-Target Research Collaboration with Sanofi
17 August 2022 - - US-based Atomwise, a specialist in using artificial intelligence for small molecule drug discovery, has established a strategic and exclusive research collaboration with Sanofi (NASDAQ: SNY) that will leverage its AtomNet platform for computational discovery and research of up to five drug targets, the company said.

The Atomwise approach shifts the mode of drug discovery away from serendipitous discovery and toward search based on structure, making the drug discovery process more rational, effective, and efficient.

The AtomNet platform incorporates deep learning for structure-based drug design, enabling the rapid, AI-powered search of Atomwise's proprietary library of more than 3 trillion synthesizable compounds.

As part of this agreement, Sanofi will pay Atomwise USD 20m upfront to identify, synthesize, and advance lead compounds for up to five targets which will be exclusive to Sanofi.

Subsequent payments pegged to key research, development, and sales milestones could total more than USD 1bn.

In addition, tiered royalties have been established for products developed through the collaboration.

Atomwise is a technology-enabled pharmaceutical company leveraging the power of AI to revolutionize small molecule drug discovery.

The Atomwise team invented the use of deep learning for structure-based drug design; this technology underpins Atomwise's best-in-class AI discovery engine, which is differentiated by its ability to find and optimize novel chemical matter.

Atomwise said it has validated its discovery engine, having demonstrated the ability to find compounds with therapeutic potential for biological targets in 90% of internal programs and more than 70% of the company's 270 academic collaborations, including across a wide variety of protein types and multiple "hard to drug" targets.

Atomwise is building a wholly-owned pipeline of small-molecule drug candidates, with three programs in lead-optimization and over 30 programs in discovery.

The company has raised over USD 194m from leading venture capital firms and collaborations to advance its mission to make better medicines, faster.