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Verogen and Gene by Gene form Partnership to Accelerate Adoption of Forensic Investigative Genetic Genealogy
15 August 2022 - - US-based DNA-based biometric human identification products products developer Verogen, Inc. and US-based genetic testing services provider Gene by Gene have forged a partnership to accelerate the adoption of forensic investigative genetic genealogy, the principals said.

As part of the agreement, Gene by Gene, parent company of FamilyTreeDNA, will support DNA uploads generated from the Verogen ForenSeq Kintelligence kit, the only ANAB accredited technology approved for forensic investigative genetic genealogy.

This partnership effectively doubles the number of profiles available for FIGG matching.

Leveraging database knowledge, scientists from both organizations will also create superior algorithms and software that increase the probability of generating uploadable single nucleotide polymorphism profiles and lower bioinformatic costs enabling standardization of the FIGG workflow.

FIGG is a DNA-based investigative lead-generation technique that leverages genotyping and next-generation sequencing technologies to identify perpetrators of violent crime, exonerate the innocent, and identify missing persons.

Verogen's GEDmatch database and Gene by Gene's genealogical database are the only databases that enable FIGG and have cumulatively helped resolve over 500 cold cases that were previously considered unsolvable.

This long-term partnership aims to ensure that all uploads adhere to the terms set forth by Verogen and Gene by Gene, including existing requirements to opt-in to the genetic witness program to show up as a familial connection, and standardize analysis options and bioinformatic methods.

Verogen is a dedicated developer of DNA-based biometric human identification products for analysis of forensic genomic samples.

Founded in 2000, Gene by Gene provides genetic testing services to a range of consumers and institutional customers through its four divisions focusing on ancestry, health, research, and paternity.

Gene by Gene is a CAP/CLIA/NYSDOH accredited laboratory and, through its clinical health division, offers health, wellness, and regulated diagnostic testing services.