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Hoth Therapeutics announces completion of HT-001 formulation
13 April 2021 -

Hoth Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: HOTH), a biopharmaceutical company, along with its manufacturing partner, has completed the formulation for HT-001 intended for the treatment of cancer patients suffering from cutaneous toxicities (skin, nails, scalp) due to EGFR inhibitor therapies, it was reported on Monday.

HT-001 is likely to start its Phase 2a trial in pending approval of the IND submission. The finalisation of the product formulation will enable the company to start IND-enabling toxicology studies and manufacturing of clinical batches for the planned Phase 2a clinical trial.

The HT-001 formulation was developed in collaboration with scientific advisor board members, Dr Jonathan Zippin, Dr Adam Friedman, and Dr Mario Lacouture, to ensure patient-focused attributes were key inputs of the formulation development. The HT-001 formulation includes a proprietary excipient blend to promote a protective skin barrier function after application. Preliminary data has shown effective skin protection up to 24hours after application based on a transepidermal water loss test model.



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