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IXICO announces collaboration with Imeka Solutions Inc
3 April 2024 -

Medical imaging advanced analytics company IXICO (AIM: IXI) announced on Wednesday that it is collaborating with IMEKA Solutions Inc to provide access to Imeka's white matter imaging services for Alzheimer's Disease (AD) and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) clinical trials, among other CNS indications.

The collaboration streamlines procurement processes for IXICO's global biopharma clients, enhancing access to advanced AI tools for white matter imaging.

White matter imaging is increasingly vital for neuroinflammation and axonal integrity assessments in AD and MS clinical trials, along with other CNS indications.

IXICO aims to revolutionise neurological disease therapy advancements by providing valuable insights through data analytics and AI-driven medical image analysis.

The company's remote access technology platform enables scalable data analytics deployment, optimising drug development investments and reducing clinical trial risks for pharmaceutical clients.

Imeka, a leader in white matter microstructure imaging, offers advanced MRI processing and AI capabilities to facilitate novel insights for research and clinical communities.