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Brazilian state of Paraná to sign agreement with Russia for testing COVID-19 vaccine
12 August 2020 -

CNN reported on Wednesday that Brazil's Paraná state is scheduled to sign an agreement with Russia on 12 August 2020, for the research, development and testing of Russia's COVID-19 vaccine, according to a statement from the Russian Embassy.

Under the agreement, some vulnerable groups in Brazil will be first to receive vaccination.

The statement said, "Initially, health professionals and teachers, i.e. the groups most vulnerable to contamination, will receive vaccines. The government has adopted a digital scheme to control and monitor the effects of vaccination on these groups."

Brazil's Health Ministry told CNN : "Brazil is aware of all the vaccine studies under development and guarantees that, as soon as it has access to a vaccine that is proven to be effective against COVID-19, Brazilians will have access to it."



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