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Tevogen Bio partners with Dr Neal Flomenberg to investigate proprietary T-Cell therapy for the treatment of COVID-19 and influenza
11 August 2020 -

Healthcare company Tevogen Bio said on Monday that it plans to evaluate its proprietary antigen-specific T cell technology as the potential treatment for COVID-19 and influenza-A patients in partnership with Neal Flomenberg MD from Thomas Jefferson University.

Dr Neal Flomenberg is the chairman of Medical Oncology at Jefferson University in Philadelphia and heads the Hematologic Malignancies, Blood and Marrow Transplantation (BMT) Programme. He has developed an approach to bone-marrow transplants that assures that the majority of blood and bone-marrow cancer patients can benefit from this potentially curative treatment.

Through the collaboration, Tevogen will leverage its proprietary immunotherapy platform with Dr Flomenberg's expertise and research prowess to investigate potential treatments for viral infections. Tevogen CEO Ryan Saadi, MD, MPH, is leading the new biotech's efforts.

This collaboration aims to harness Tevogen's proprietary immunotherapy platform and Dr Flomenberg's expertise in immunology, histocompatibility and pioneering work in the immunology of stem cell transplantation.



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