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Gatehouse Bio forms collaboration with AstraZeneca
6 December 2019 -

Gatehouse Bio, a pioneer in next-generation therapeutics, and AstraZeneca, a global science-led biopharmaceutical company, are collaborating to explore the identification of new targets for respiratory and cardiovascular diseases using Gatehouse Bio's Artificial Intelligence powered platform, it was reported yesterday.

Gatehouse Bio's 'sRNAlytics platform' identifies novel small RNA (sRNA) signatures and illuminates molecular pathways correlated to and potentially driving disease.

Dr David W. Salzman, CEO and chief scientist, Gatehouse Bio, said, 'Our annotation library of over 1.4M small RNA features coupled with our biology-directed machine learning algorithms enable us to see signal where others have only seen noise.'

The company is collaborating with top global drug developers to incorporate their technology into discovery, research, and development programs.



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