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Gatehouse Bio partners with AstraZeneca to accelerate new drug discovery in respiratory and cardiovascular diseases
5 December 2019 -

Bio-data company Gatehouse Bio said on Wednesday that it plans to explore the identification of new potential drug targets for respiratory and cardiovascular diseases using its Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered platform under a collaboration with biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca (LON:AZN).

Gatehouse Bio's sRNAlytics Platform illuminates molecular pathways of disease through deep analysis of small RNA not visible with current approaches. These insights are then converted to therapeutic targets and companion diagnostics. Its analytical approach and lab protocols combined with a growing database are focused on guiding targeted therapies and opening new indications.

In 2018, Gatehouse Bio partnered with AstraZeneca's Boston Bio Hub Incubator to accelerate research. After 18 months they have developed a powerful analytical pipeline that incorporates specialised small RNA sequencing with biology-influenced machine learning algorithms to identify new drug targets and companion diagnostics, the company said.



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