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Hoth Therapeutics completes Eczema treatment study
10 October 2019 -

Hoth Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company, has completed Phase I of its In-Life dose escalation study intended for treating Eczema, it was reported yesterday.

An independent third party conducted the clinical study by monitoring the tolerance and toxicity of its proprietary BioLexa Platform on minipigs.

The study had two phases with the first phase of the study being completed in September of 2019.

Robb Knie, chief executive officer of Hoth Therapeutics, said, 'Management is pleased that our BioLexa Platform continues to demonstrate an impressive safety profile during its testing phase. We believe this therapeutic candidate has the potential to provide significant benefits to people afflicted by Atopic Dermatitis. Going forward, we are focused on expanding our clinical efforts into later stage trials.'