Alvogen and Lotus Pharmaceuticals launch Vinorelbine in Europe
5 August 2019 -

United States-based Alvogen and its subsidiary, Lotus Pharmaceuticals have introduced Vinorelbine 20, 30 and 80mg soft capsules in Europe, it was reported on Friday.

The product is the generic version of Pierre Fabre Medicament's Navelbine that is indicated for the treatment of advanced non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and advanced breast cancer. It is the first launch of a generic version of Navelbine in Europe.

Faysal Kalmoua, executive vice president of Alvogen's Global Portfolio, said, 'We are pleased with the first to market launch of Vinorelbine and we have a strong history of creating important access to high-quality generic medicine and we're excited to lead the commercialisation of this important product in Europe. Vinorelbine softgel is another prime example of a complex oral oncology product successfully developed by Lotus pharmaceuticals with multiple complexities: Cytotoxic drug, bioequivalence study in cancer patients, softgel capabilities, high potency containment manufacturing, first to market. Alvogen offers a strong portfolio of complex generics, including oral oncology, and the addition of Vinorelbine softgel capsules further strengthens our oncology portfolio and strong commitment to cancer patients.'