Apotex launches Teriparatide Injection in US
22 November 2023 -

Apotex Corporation, a US-based company involved in generic pharmaceuticals and biosimilars, announced on Tuesday that it has introduced Teriparatide Injection, a single-patient-use pre-filled pen intended for the treatment of osteoporosis, in the US.

Teriparatide Injection is supplied as a single-patient-use pre-filled pen containing 250 mcg/mL, capable of administering 28 daily doses of 20 mcg per pen.

Michael Bohling, Apotex Corp vice president of Sales and Marketing, said: "Osteoporosis impacts approximately 10 million Americans, and millions more have low bone density, placing them at high risk. The launch of this product will provide much-needed affordable access for these patients."

Kiran Krishnan, PhD, Apotex Corp senior vice president of Global Regulatory Affairs, also commented: "The approval of Teriparatide Injection is a testament to Apotex's commitment to the development of complex generic drugs and ensures expanded access for patients to affordable, high-quality medicines."