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Oncor Consulting, Black and Veatch Expand the 'Passport' Program to Include COVID-19 Vaccine Management Protocols
26 January 2021 - - US-based physician-owned consultancy Oncor Consulting is expanding its alliance with Black and Veatch to add additional capabilities to its Passport digital health management solution, helping organizations seeking a holistic approach to coordinating COVID-19 vaccine distribution and administration, the company said.

The introduction of vaccine-related data to Passport provides an additional layer of information for organizations supporting population health management of the coronavirus.

As rollouts of vaccinations widen across the United States, Oncor Consulting and Black and Veatch are also expanding the capabilities of the Black and Veatch Rapid Modular Health Systems (RaMHS) rapidly deployable, scalable and comfortable enclosures to assist with vaccine dispensing.

Digital management of vaccination records will be supported by the COVOPERATE digital platform, powered by Field2Base.

To accelerate positive health outcomes, COVOPERATE now includes individual vaccination data reporting, along with management of a daily health questionnaire and up-to-the-minute access to COVID-19 test results.

Questionnaires can be customized by the organization or enterprise and be used to determine an individual's access to sites such as schools, workplaces, event venues or retail locations based on real-time updates aligned to local, state or national mandates or policies.

Black and Veatch's RaMHS units easily installed and operational within days now include the management of refrigeration and emerging distribution needs to administer vaccines.

These units are customizable and are Passport-certified for air quality, environmental and health management protocols.

As a part of the Passport program, Oncor Consulting also provides access to health professionals for vaccine distribution management at each RaMHS unit.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), all COVID-19 vaccines currently available in the United States have been shown to be highly effective, though the CDC warns that COVID infections are still possible in vaccinated people.

While experts continue to learn more about the protection that vaccines will provide, it will be critical that individuals continue to follow the CDC-provided protection protocols.

Quickly becoming an industry-leading medical advisor to organizations globally, Oncor Consulting's Passport program is gaining adoption as a preferred, comprehensive and real-time solution for population health management.

Black and Veatch is an employee-owned engineering, procurement, consulting and construction company with a more than 100-year track record of innovation in sustainable infrastructure.

The company posted revenues in 2019 of USD 3.7bn.

Owned and led by physicians, Oncor Consulting was born out of the largest physician staffing company in Philadelphia. Its co-founder, Dr. Scott Shapiro, is a practicing physician and previous president of the Pennsylvania Medical Society.

Oncor Consulting partners clinically practicing physicians with organizations, academic institutions and businesses to create, implement and adapt customized responses to the Covid-19 pandemic including Passport.